Pretty pitty Sage .
Did u wash your hands ? lemme smell? ok ur clean 💓🦠 pc: @smallchangebigeffect @turnipveg
A bath ? How dare you mother 😒 I liked my stink - Ziggy 
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Kong 🥰 Took it nice and slow with him today because sometimes he’s a nervous baby but hug
Spanky giving us his show dog pose. 😘
Super fluff!
Most happiest girl eva! Major props to @
Beautiful girl and her before & after sh
Stunning work by @callingallpawss


* Pricing is dependent on breed, temperament, coat texture & size*

*Proof of Rabies Vaccination is required unless exempt by veterinarian*

Nail Trim : $12 & up
Gland Expression : $10
Ear Cleaning : $10
Teeth Brushing : $10

Walk In Services

when you’re small so your mom puts you in the laundry basket so you don’t poop in the hous

     Dog Grooming   


  • Bath Package  starting at $33

  • Bath & Tidy starting at $50

  • Haircut Package starting at $70

    Cat Grooming

  • Bath package starting at $45

  • Bath & Tidy starting at $50

  • Haircut Package starting at $85

All packages for City Dogs & City Cats include; Bath & Blow out , Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim & Gland Expression (externally).  

Upon request; 

- Flea Dip ($7-$10 additional )

- De-shedding Treatments ( $20 additional )

- Medicated Bath/Soak 

- De-Skunk Treatment ($20 additional )

- Teeth Brushing ($10 additional )


Basic Shampoo



- A richly fragrant shampoo that cleans all coat types while adding volume & shine ! Try it with  our Rainforest Conditioner. 


When bathtime is therapeutic. ._._#englishbulldog #englishbulldogs #englishbulldogsofinsta

Premium Shampoo



-Blend of organic cannabis sativa that bonds hair delivering nourishing oils. Soothes dry itchy skin, Coats hair with fatty acids and hydration. Try with our Hemp conditioner ! 

We take the mess out of bath time by offering both on-site professional grooming services by appointment; or use City Dog's unique, state-of-the-art self-service tubs and grooming stations for do-it yourself bathing. 

With premium shampoos and grooming tools all included. A very welcoming staff to help with any questions and guidance on how to use anything we provide.

- Puppy safe ! Eliminates residue that can make hair dull & lifeless. Easy rinsing , great for sandy beach trips ! 


- Puppy safe! Combination of oatmeal, aloe vera & the best natural moisturizer for dry skin & coat. Try with our Oatmeal Conditioner ! 


-Puppy safe! Gentle formula cleans without irritating sensitive skin. Leaves hair shiny & manageable.  Lightly scented


-Antiseptic Shampoo that cleans irritated skin. Relives itchy skin by washing away bacteria , fungus & infection. Promotes healing of hotspots, cuts , abrasions, sores, flea bites & other skin conditions! 





Combination of oatmeal & aloe vera leave coat moisturized.


Richly fragrant hair reconstructing conditioner that leaves coat shiny and soft.


-Natural human grade shampoo, light weight & absorbent. leaves coat moisturized & volumized. Mango scented! Try with out Eqyss conditioner.


-Anti-Itch line. Heals hotspots & gentle on the skin. Calms urge to scratch & relieves itchiness while eliminating odors ! Try with our Eqyss conditioner. 


-Flea, tick & lice removal coconut oil derived ingredients in this formula gently cleans & highlights colors & leaves with a shine ! 

Hansel & Ziggy 💙 _#bostonterrier #bostonterriersofinstagram #bostonterrierlove #bostonter
Squishy Baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldoglife #bulldogpuppies #puppylove #bulldo

Moisturizes skin and coat, non-greasy volume building formula with UV protection


Minimizes fly-a-ways & soothes hair cuticles to replenish each strand leaving hair soft & tangle free!

Includes use of our Blueberry facial, Ear cleaner, Premium Sprays, Brushes & Drying tables. 


"Absolutely love City Dog! They always get my pup in for grooming, teeth brushing, toe nail clippings, and any other doggy needs.  Their staff is so friendly and nice.  I love that they will call you when your pup is done, so you can go wonder around downtown for a while.  They do have a great selection of treats & toys, too"  Brandon T., San Diego


"Just picked up my Springer spaniel and he looks amazing!! This is the 4th groomer Ive taken him to in San Diego because the other ones butchered his fur and left him patchy. City Dog did an incredible job! He smells good and he didn't sit around in a kennel all day until his turn. He was only there for an hour and a half!  Kelly T., Scottsdale


City Dog is the ONLY place to shop in downtown San Diego for premium dog food, tasty treats, and indestructible dog toys for our Staffies! Gary and his team are extremely knowledgeable about feeding options and always ready to lend a hand with everything from flea treatments to a DNA test for our new rescue pup! We love their great lines of collars and leashes, too!  David & Jennifer, San Diego


The only place I like to take my dog to do a self wash. City Dog is clean and carries the best dog food, Acana, and the staff is always friendly. I live nearby so parking is not an issue for me, but I like to go mid-day or after a beach trip to bathe my dog. They have three tubs, all different heights which is hard to find, and they have a spray hose that hangs above that truly helps conserve water while you are sudsing away. They supply clean towels at your disposal and everything is labeled properly, so cleaning up is easy. They offer Shampoo and conditioner, but I always bring my own. They also have three drying stations.  I would't take my pampered pup anywhere else! Jess G., San Deigo




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